2016 - Year of Construction and Destruction

2016 is the year of War. Numerology can be used for predictive measures, as well as the description of personalities. In a previous article, I spoke about the positive and negative attributes of the number 9. During a lecture By King Simon (See King Simon Productions), it the word “”WAR” was broken down into a 9 energy. According to the Chaldean version of numerology, War breaks down into the number 9 by the following: W(6)+A(1)+R(2) = 9. As the number nine is ruled by Mars, the Planet of Aggression, conflict, physical energy, sex drive and ruler of the (Ram) Aries, we fall into a year of universality and/or dysfunction.

The Number 9 represents rebirth and death; as all numbers from 0-8 add up to the number 9. 1.INDEPENDENCE: knowing who you are, adapting to change, and leading your own life. 2.RELATION: cooperating with others, patience, tact, careful attention to detail, and developing intuition. 3.CREATIVITY: communication, friendship, beauty, and happiness. 4.BREAKTHROUGH: Dealing with limitation. 5.FREEDOM: gaining experience by learning from mistakes. Travel. Coping with sudden developments. 6.RESPONSIBILITY: the ultimate balancing act. 7.WISDOM: inner development, spirituality and knowledge. 8.SATISFACTION: manifestation through True Understanding and Balance. 9.COMPLETION: Free Will.

All numbers multiplied by nine and added to another always ends up to nine. All numbers added together, add up to nine: 0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 36
3+6 = 9. When you multiply 9 ones by 9 ones. (111,111,111 x 111,111,111), the result is: 12,345,678,987,654,321 which, when added together = 81 = 9. It takes 9 months for a Human to carry her child in her womb before the child enters the physical plane. Nine is life, nine is death; nine is a supreme number. However, we must look at the parts of  year 2016 to create a whole.


The number two is a very sensitive, feminine number as it is ruled by the Moon. It includes intuition, perception and on the negative aspect hoarding. Due to the Moon nature of 2, it can be seen as an extreme number. This number is the number of relation and self-importance.


Zero represents the state of mind; the Alpha and the Omega, Paired up with the creation and life aspects of the number 9, it can increase the influences, both positive and negative, of the year. All numbers come out and after Zero, therefore it is considered the ‘God’ number. The Zero is shaped as a circle, representing the 360 degrees of life; what comes around goes around. It is the number of infinities, of everything and nothing. The Number Zero rules all planets; it is the Universe, but especially Pluto. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, rules the number zero. Pluto represents transformation, power and wealth. Expect an increase of small businesses and accumulated wealth. When combined with another number, zero magnifies the potential of the number. The nothingness of Zero promotes freedom from limitations, specifically from the material world.


One is the number of individuality, as it is ruled by the Sun (think Leo). It resonates with new beginnings, independence, progress and power. However, it can also represent intolerance, narrow-mindedness and dominance.


Six creates balance, however, when paired up with the number nine backwards (96) can create oddity. Six also represents magnetism - speak the things you wish to come into exists. What you put out will be compelled to join you. You will pull the things that are needed for your spiritual growth. Six relates to Venus, the Planet of love, beauty and pleasure (ruler of Taurus and Libra) and Uranus, the Planet of evolution, individuality, creativity, revolution, rebellion, freedom (ruler of Aquarius). Six promotes agriculture, emotional depth and conventional acts, but can be seen to also rule the attributes of superiority complex and disconnection, if not balanced properly.


The Earth is out of balance; as the consciousness is shifting and rising, the magnetic poles are moving. These constant changes cause people to act out of character and some into their true nature. These can be dark times; an increase of mental disorder, malevolent entities can enter your spirit if you are not grounded and centered. This is a time to stay away from excess use of prescription drugs, other recreational drugs and alcohol, as some may be prone to addictions. Addictions create darkness which will creep into your mind to influence you negatively. As the tension increases between civilians and police forces, domestic violence, rebellion and rioting too will increase. We are entering a war state.

This is an important time to speak to those who walked before you, your Ancestors, Elders and other spiritual guides and seek protection and guidance. As we in the past did not initiate anything without the guidance of our Ancestors, we cannot enter this nine energy without guidance. This is a year where we must let go of grudges amongst our own and unite.
The US government is promoting war amongst the people of this corporation. Civil Unrest has already begun with police brutality, active shootings and an increase of racial provocation.  They are initiating a racial war; preparation on all accounts must be taken. As the tension increases, so does chaos. Once there is chaos in the state, they will excuse the initiation of Martial Law. It will be slow and gradual.

As 2016 is a 9 year (2+0+1+6), the energies will reflect such number. Breaking down the year 2016 can help us find the information seek about the future. As we enter the age of Information (with the contribution of the Technological Age), a rise of consciousness will be apparent. Many will speak of psychic abilities and metaphysical experiences. This is not a time to deny your calling - we are in need of healers. Competition between our communities will not be needed, as Warrior Scholars, Healers and Mystical Readers will be needed to keep the spirits of the community intact. But it is also up to you to keep yourself grounded.

This is not a year to fear, but a year to be prepared for. There is another side to the 9 energy. As nine gives life , it also gives love. 9 also represents harmony and family. Many marriages and relationships will begin or strengthen during this year, especially if your personal year is in balance with the nine year.

To find out your personal year, add your birth month, birth date, and 2016 together

The nine represents leadership, completion and creativity. An increase of leaders who will be empathetic will be the light we need in the darkness. Nine is a generous, spiritual awakening number. Do not be afraid to give, selflessly. Many might notice an increase of gifts (whether physically or spiritually). As we will need to be grounded, surround yourselves with things of nature. As the number six promotes agriculture, those in the career of agriculture should expect an increase of business. Look into gardening; have your living space surrounded with plant life. Take part in grounding, connecting the soles of your feet to the ground beneath you. Participate in Sun gazing and activate your melanin by eating carbon based foods.

The people you will meet during this year are important; you might find your soul purpose if you have yet to find it. Nine is the path of letting go; whatever old fears you’ve had in the past, it is time to move forward and manifest the destiny you will have.

Personal predictions of 2016:

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