New Moon in Scorpio

Tonight’s moon will remind you that intensity can be a pleasant experience. As the Moon entered Scorpio at 12:47 PM at 19 degrees, we allow ourselves to accept the mysterious, intense feelings we tend to keep in the dark. Scorpio, a water sign ruled by the planet of power, Pluto, gives us the need of control and motivates us to go under the surface and tap into the subconscious.    Because as we know the Moon controls the emotions, Scorpio’s watery influence can be underwhelming. As it is a sign of passion and intensity, the moon pulls on all of our waters, giving us a need for intimacy. You will uncover truths of yourself as you become more vulnerable. Allow yourself to be open, do not be afraid of you. 

The powerful transformation of energy Scorpio provides combined with the powerful number 11, motivates us to create meaningful manifestations. 11-11 is known as the Portal/Gateway. It is time to open up and only allow what you need. You are in control. Old energies relating to sexual energy will need to be cleansed. As Scorpio also represents birth and death, combined with 1’s energy of creation, this new moon gives us the time start fresh. 

However, the universe always influences us. Do not wait for a phase of the moon to detox and connect with your innerself.  You are allowed to restart when you need to. 

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