Preparing for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the Planet that turns retrograde more than any other Planet in our solar system. A planet going in retrograde does not literally mean the Planet is moving backwards, but instead appears as if it is moving backwards, due to its ecliptic relation to Earth. All planets go in retrograde or stationary, with the exception of   the Sun and Moon and the North and South Node. The Sun casts shadows on the particular planet, making the planet look as if its stationary or in retrograde, but the planet is still moving. The influence of the planet never changes, but how you react to the influence does.

Therefore you have the control, once you understand the science and understand yourself, of your reactions to a retrograde. Mercury is the Planet that rules communication, intelligence and harmony and the celestial bodies of Gemini and Virgo. When Mercury is in retrograde, how we communicate is affected. Because of schemes and repetition, many who have never felt the influence of Mercury Rx, now do. This is not to say that the influence is a complete illusion, but that if you tell someone enough times something bad will happen, the manifestation of thought becomes reality. Mercury goes in retrograde so frequently, we should react to the effects just as frequently, but why do we only react when we are told to?

You have complete control of your reality. Though you are influenced by the Universe, you are also the Universe. For that, you can prepare for a retrograde, before it happens. 2016, the year of birth and death, initiation and completion (2+0+1+6 = 9, highest number, the only number that adds to self see more here, will have four retrogrades, as most years have three or four Mercury in retrograde. Mercury is usually retrograde for about 24 days and is stationary about 1 day before and 1 day after retrogradation. Remember, this is a common phenomenon and should not be dreaded or feared.

Mercury Retrograde for 2016

•	Mercury turns retrograde January 6th at 1 Aquarius
•	Mercury turns direct on January 26th at 15 Capricorn
•	Mercury turns retrograde April 29th at 24 Taurus
•	Mercury turns direct on May 23rd at 14 Taurus
•	Mercury turns retrograde August 31st at 29 Virgo
•	Mercury turns direct on September 23rd at 15 Virgo
•	Mercury turns retrograde December 20th at 15 Capricorn
•	Mercury turns direct on January 9th at 28 Sagittarius

Because we react differently in regards to our thinking and communication during this time, our communication may seem to appear wacky or haywire. Mercury retrograde tells you to clean your dirty laundry. You cannot move forward if your past is holding you back. During this time, old friends and lovers may appear out of the blue to communicate with you. Do not fear this, resolve old issues and move on from the past. You have control over how you react to another’s communication - you can’t control how someone speaks with you, but how you speak with them. Those with a Mercury retrograde in their Natal chart won’t feel the effects as much, because they were born with the effects.  This is not the time to blame the planets for your inability to control your communication. Many times we blame the planets, when the planets have been how they have for billions of years. It is you, your physical flesh, that is new to the universe. However, your spirit has been here many times before. Take the time to own up to your own mistakes, create a safe space to meditate on then resolve old issues. You are the answer to all of your problems.

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